Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lionhead, A 3D Printer With Eight Extruders And Built-In Scanning System, Is Looking For $60K To Get Out Of Beta

As a fan of the noble Great Cat and 3D printing, I’m particularly interested in Lionhead, a $1,600 3D printer with built-in scanning facilities. The project, which just hit Kickstarter, is looking for $60,000 to start production of the device. The company behind the Lionhead Bunny, Radiant Li, first explored the possibility of an all-in-one printer back in 2011 and is now ready to start shipping beta units in October. The system uses the print bed to both hold printed objects and to rotate items to be scanned. A pair of LEDs and a laser scans physical objects into an editor and then you can modify and print them using up to eight colors thanks to a pair of four-extruder printheads. They are also selling a plain old Lionhead for $2,400. This model comes with a 100x200mm print bed vs. the Bunny’s 150x150mm bed.

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